Walking through the narrow streets of the Old Town of Nice, you can easily overlook the Lascaris Palace. This seventeenth century building stands in a row with other tenement houses and from the outside does not particularly stand out. However, inside it conceals richly decorated aristocratic chambers, and the second largest collection of ancient musical instruments in France.

The Lascaris Palace is located at 15 rue Droite in the Old Town of Nice. It was inhabited by the aristocratic Lascaris-Vintimille family, but since 1942 belongs to the city. From the outside the building does not stand out, but it’s worth seeing what treasures are hidden inside.

The palace is a museum-type attraction, which is why not everyone will like it. For sure it will be an interesting place for lovers of musical instruments and their history, as well as for those interested in the life of the aristocracy in days past. Regardless of your interests, it is worth visiting this place for a while. The rooms in the building are unbelievably richly decorated. In truth, they overwhelm the visitor while, at the same time, evoking admiration – especially when you remember the fact that most of the decorations are original and have been preserved intact.

Lascaris Palace in Nice, France

Lascaris Palace in Nice, France

500 musical instruments in the Lascaris Palace

Lovers of such exhibits will surely be pleased by the fact that the building has the second largest collection of old musical instruments in France. Some 500 instruments can be found here, some even from the 16th century. There is also a collection of antique furniture in the style of Louis XV, which can be found in many rooms.

The entrance to the museum is payable. You can buy a ticket for 10 euros, which entitles you to visit other museums in Nice within 24 hours, or for 20 euros for seven days of sightseeing. You will have to spend about an hour to visit this attraction.