Where to sleep in Nice is the most frequently asked question I get. No wonder, because cheap accommodation on the French Riviera is a topic of interest for all tourists. What hotels in Nice do I recommend? Check these out!

Nice, the capital of the Côte d’Azur, is a real accommodation hub. Hotels in Nice can be counted in the hundreds. So it’s not surprising that tourists looking for accommodation ask where to sleep – as long as it’s cheap and good. For me this is a really difficult question, because, since I live in this city, I don’t sleep in its hotels  ;-). However, I have looked through the offers and asked friends.

Accommodation in Nice for every budget

When looking for hotels in Nice, remember that it’s the capital of the French Riviera. The cheapest hotels will not have very high standards. Their location, also, may not be the most advantageous. However, you can find hotels located in the center, or near the center, that will be affordable – and by that, I mean about €65–70 per night.

These prices are the regular per night cost of a room in decent hotels. You can of course take advantage of the “offer of the day” or other promotions, especially on Booking.com, but with these you usually have to book quite a long time in advance. Sometimes you can find promotional offers for accommodation from as little as €35–40, but these are rather in 2 star hotels.

Below you will find my recommendations for hotel accommodation in Nice, listed according to their standards. If you have a problem with which one to choose, just contact me, by leaving a comment under this article, for example – I would be happy to help you choose a hotel in Nice.

Accommodation in 2-star hotels in Nice

Accommodation in 3 and 4-star hotels in Nice

Accommodation in 5-star hotels in Nice

If you don’t find anything corresponding to your needs among my recommended hotels, you can also find many more offers on Booking.com. The links provided in the list above are affiliate – so if you book your accommodation through these I will receive a small commission for the order. You will pay the normal price, but in addition you will be supporting the development of my blog – and the money will go towards creating new articles. I appreciate your support!

Remember that there are also many private Airbnb apartments in Nice. Accommodation using Airbnbs is a good opportunity to meet local people, as well as an opportunity to find a whole apartment at a good price. If you register on the Airbnb website using this link, you will receive a discount on the first night.