You must visit Cassis when you’re in the area of Marseille. This small port town is beautiful. The most famous attraction in Cassis are the nearby „calanques”, which are known as the French fjords, but the town itself is nevertheless charming.

Cassis is a small port town. It is located only 25 km from Marseille, and can be reached by bus in about an hour. It delights me for several reasons, but the most important, of course, is the calanques – the French fjords. This unusual rugged coastline right next to Cassis is the most characteristic element of the region.

Cassis – life goes on in the port

It is said that whoever has seen Paris and not seen Cassis, has not seen anything. It is hard to disagree with this promotional slogan of the city. I consider Cassis to be much nicer than Saint-Tropez – it’s strange that it hasn’t become at least as famous as the holiday capital of France. However, this hasn’t prevented tourists from reaching this beautiful region.

Cassis is primarily an old fishing port in which life goes on as it always has. Every now and then there are small cruise ships full of tourists who want to see the famous calanques, while others rest on the wonderful beach right next to the town or eat in the restaurants that tightly pack the harbor rim.

Cassis, France

Cassis, France

In Cassis there is almost no typical Old Town as known in other towns of the French Riviera and Provence. The former Old Town was located on a rock just by the harbor, but today it is a closed residential estate with a castle at the top. The castle is a luxury hotel that for 35 years belonged to the Michelin family (that of tires). But now the hotel has a new owner.

Another attraction also visible from the port is an amazing, almost 400 meter high, maroon colored rock wall. This is Cap Canaille, one of the highest cliffs in Europe. There is a 15 km long road along the top of Cap Canaille called Route des Cretes that leads from Cassis to the town of la Ciotat.

The town can be reached from Marseille using buses M5, M6, or M8 (the first two go along the highway, while the last route goes through the mountains). Additional information can be found on the connection search page.