The Monaco Yacht Show is an opportunity to see over one hundred of the world’s most luxurious yachts in one place. This annual event attracts all the largest yacht shipyards and the richest buyers to Monaco.

The Monaco Yacht Show invariably attracts the largest yacht shipyards as well as many millionaires looking for new toys for themselves. Fortunately, during this event anyone can, at least for a moment, admire the most beautiful and luxurious yachts in the world.

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Monaco Yacht Show – €3 billion in the Port of Hercules

During the Monaco Yacht Show on the Cote d’Azur, a range of luxury and modern water craft arrive for the show. Over 120 yachts are presented, of which about 40 are premiered. There are also over a hundred exclusive motorboats, private submarines, and various sorts of swimming gear that look like they come from a James Bond film.

Monaco Yacht Show

Monaco Yacht Show

More than 500 exhibitors present their products to the yachting industry. Not only can you see luxury boats, but also all possible associated equipment. In the pavilions set up around the Port of Hercules, exhibitors include the producers of tableware, luxury bedding, furniture for yachts, and even whole kitchens and captain’s bridges. Of course, there is no need to mention engines.

According to the organizers’ estimates, a single yacht presented at the event could be worth as much as EUR 25 million; and altogether, the exhibited boats could total EUR 3 billion. And all this is gathered together in one port in Monaco!

Monaco Yacht Show – practical information

The Monaco Yacht Show takes place each year at the end of September. The admission ticket costs €150 for a one day pass; while the business pass, for all days, costs €500. The event lasts 4 days.

Monaco Yacht Show


The access between the different areas in the port is well organized – every now and then there are motorboats that act as free taxis. All you need to do is ask which shore it is going to and get into the right one. I have to admit that the possibility of multiple motorboat rides around the port while watching the yachts from the water was, for me, the second biggest attraction of the event.

If you are in Monaco during this event and you do not want to buy a ticket, you should at least have a look from the Monaco Rock where the Old Town and the Prince’s Palace are located – this view is free ;-).

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