Project Description

Cannes is a sleepy town on the French Riviera, which once a year is transformed into the world capital of film, and a fashionable resort. The International Cannes Film Festival, held here since 1946, attracts the greatest Hollywood stars, as well as tourists and cinema fans from around the world.

Among Cannes’ attractions you will find:

  • Promenade de la Croisette (Boulevard de la Croisette) – a 2 km long seaside promenade in the city’s center. Luxurious hotels stand along the boulevard (Carlton, Majestic), while the most characteristic element of this place is the freestanding blue chairs.
  • Palais des Festivals – this is where the annual cinema festival takes place, and where the Hollywood stars walk the red carpet.
  • Sandy beach along the la Croisette boulevard – this beach is mainly occupied by luxury restaurants, but tourists can also find a place for themselves here.
  • The Old Town – a small old town (le Suquet) on a hill overlooking the entire city, with colorful tenement houses and flowers growing everywhere.
  • The Old Port – with its colorful fishing boats and luxury yachts. Such a big contrast in one place!
  • The Lérins Islands – wonderful islands near Cannes that provide a retreat from the crowds of tourists amongst lush vegetation and natural beaches.

It is best to visit Cannes during the Film Festival in May. The city experiences a real invasion of tourists, but it exudes the unique atmosphere of an international resort. Tourists stay in Cannes until the end of the season – September or even October.

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